Amazon River
The well-known Amazon Jungle,is majorly covered by 70% of rainforest. In this rainforest patterned environment, you can find herb springs and various massaging pools. This is the closest appease sanctuary with our nature green.
  • Calves Massage Pool

    Combination of sand and hot mineral water is effective in healing anemia, heart disease, hemorrhoids, joint pain and neuralgia. The ideal covering time is between 5-10 minutes.

  • Springs In The River. Vanilla Spring

    This spring contained the "king of spices"--vanilla, which effectively alleviate fatigue, relieve depressed mood, anxiety and insomnia.

  • Bay Leaf Spring

    Spring added with bay leaf can release muscle pain, loosen skin, stimulate emotions, relieve stress, alleviate depression and anxiety. Not suitable for sensitive skin and pregnant.

  • Head Massage Pool

  • Shoulder Massage Pool

  • Back Massage Pool

  • Waist Massage Pool

  • Thigh Massage Pool

  • Jojoba Spring