Ancient Roman
This is the largest indoor spring’s region within all zones in the Volcanic Mineral Springs. It is characterized by the Aqua Massage Pool and Kids Fun Pool, an area caters for family and guests of all ages. The water here is beneficial to the skin and having a positive effect on the circulatory and nervous systems.
  • Multi-Function Water Massage Pools

    Combined a variety of massage function, it massages every inch of your body, soothing your nerves and completely relaxes your body and mind.

  • Whirl Pool

    The finely bubbling whirl pool gently stimulates circulation and soothes body and soul. This is a place where fun and relaxation can be enjoyed at the same time. Its hydraulic impact can relief the pain of sternocostal, improve liver and spleen function and slim the upper body.

  • Tepidarium Chairs

    chairs are heated to the body temperature thus helping achieve complete relaxation.

  • Roman Bath House

  • Aqua Massage Spring

  • Floral Steam