Eastern Onsen
Featured with various Eastern cultures, this zone contains springs of different characteristic plants and herbs which are beneficial to your body. Experience the Foot Massage Tunnel is the beginning before soaking your favourite springs.
  • Sake Springs (hot & cold)

    Sake is Japanese rice wine which rich in vitamins and amino acids. It can enrich blood circulation, vitalize the body and stimulate blood production. It Promotes appetite and helps digestion.

  • Korean Ginseng Spring

    Korean ginseng is native to Korea. Korean believes ginseng is essential for beauty. Korean ginseng can also prevent diabetes, arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Korean ginseng is also good for anti cancer, disease control, promoting blood circulation, prevention of fatigue and enhancing immunity.

  • Foot Massage Tunnel Spring

    Walk on different sizes of pebbles in the hot springs, the water temperature can promote blood circulation, cure stasis and stay away from the disease.

  • Green Tea Spring

  • Sakura Spring

  • Japanese Seaweed Spring