Eastern Zen
Here gathered the characteristic Tai Chi Springs, Hot Stone bath, Chinese Empress Pool and major Chinese medical herbs springs. This is a soothing zone for both of your mental and physical health which filled with Chinese health concepts of Yin and Yang and the five elements. In addition, kids can also have fun in the games pool and bubble springs.
  • Ginseng Spring

    Ginseng is known as “king of herb”. It can regulate the nerve system, enhance memory, calm, improve cardiac function, decrease blood glucose level, strengthen the body immunity and for beauty purposes.
    Temperature: 40°C-41°C

  • Hot Stone Bath

    With hot spring water flowing under the stone plate, you can lay yourself comfortably and feel the warm energy that boosts blood circulation.

  • Bubble Spring

    Bubbles with different sizes combined water current helps to massage your body and promote blood circulation.

  • Angelica Spring

  • Ganoderma Spring

  • Polygonum Spring

  • Artemisia Leaves Spring

  • Prunella vulgaris Spring

  • Peony Spring

  • Begonia Spring

  • Refreshing Green Herb Spring

  • Citrus Spring

  • Games Spring

  • Tai Chi Sping

  • Bubble Spring

  • Oriental Herbal Steam Bath