Exotic Turkish
Here you can found the Turkish Hammam and the Turkish Terrace Springs characterized by various famous spices within each springs. Apart from that, you can have a nice experience in the Garra Rufa Fish Spa which originated from Turkey.
  • Turkish Terrace Springs

    Nine different spices commonly used in Turkey (Rosemary, Cardamom, Fennel, Cumin, Black Pepper, Thyme, Sage, Oregano and Licorice) is added to nine unique Turkish Terrace Springs.

  • Turkish Hammam

    Here people can enjoy the magnificent steam room inside the Hammam architecture. Differ from other steam rooms; the continuous flow of steam in the large area makes you even more relax.

  • Black Pepper Spring

    Black Pepper is effective in antivirus, anti-infection, inflammation diminishing and antifebrile. It is good for treating fever caused by common cold and flu as well as respiratory system infection; It can also facilitate bowel movement, promote blood circulation, assist fat combustion, treat chill, rheumatic arthrosis and stiffness and aching pain in muscle.

  • Rosemary Spring

  • Cardamom Spring

  • Fennel Spring

  • Cumin Spring

  • Black Pepper Spring

  • Thyme Spring

  • Sage Spring

  • Oregano Spring

  • Licorice Spring