Eastern Zen
With its featured rock work, ones can think of Buddhist which originated from India. Apart from admiring the architecture, you can find different springs with spices which popularly used in India.
  • Clove Spring

    It is originated from India used as cooking spice. Clove can cure headache, bronchitis, nausea, vomiting, flatulence, arthritis, rheumatism pain, impotence premature ejaculation, frigidness. In addition, it improves memory and eliminates drowsiness.

  • Jasmine Spring

    Jasmine is widely used because of its fragrant and efficacy. This spring brings light jasmine fragrant, having efficacy of aphrodisiac and regulate reproductive system. It also helps to regulate dry and sensitive skin, fade scars, promote skin elasticity and defer skin ageing.

  • Lotus Spring (Shape)

    Effect: Many people had mistakenly thought that lotus is native to Egypt and the Mediterranean. It is actually originated from ancient India. In early 3000 years ago, China had cultivated lotus. It is clear that lotus has long history. Lotus is the most commonly used as a symbol of religion and philosophy and represented sacred. Soaking in the lotus pool let you feel the purity of heart.