Mountain Springs
On the mountain, minerals dissolve into the spring water as it moves through the rocks. The springs are surrounded by the refreshing scenery of verdant greenery. This mountain houses a wide selection of different rock crystal springs and herb elements springs.
  • Gemstone Steam Bath

    43~46°C and 100% air humidity, Crystal and gems neutralizes negative energy, promote concentration and mental alertness

  • Eucalyptus Spring

    Originated from Australia, it can reduces the abdominal cramps or physical pain , cure asthma , colds , fever , relieve inflammation , angina , respiratory system , diabetes , rheumatism , lower blood sugar , prevent lung disease, diuretic , resist infection, clear the blood impurities and improve aging skin. Also, it can calm emotion.

  • Corallites Spring

    Beside of beautifying, it can also cure gynecopathy, treat frigidness and promote body growth. Particularly appropriate for menopause woman and help to promote couples relationship, and attain ruddy complexion.

  • Tea Tree Spring

  • Fruity Spring

  • Opal Spring

  • Turquoise Spring

  • Cooling Melon Spring