Native Maori
Maori see greenstone as a sacred treasure which they called pounamu. Tools, ornaments and weapons were made from it. It is believed the crystal support their own mana. Here you can find the crystal energy springs and other mystical springs that recharge your mana.
  • Energy Volcanic Stone Spring

    Efficacy: The source of energy volcanic stone and the volcanic rock formed by volcanic eruptions have a direct correlation. Trace elements released by volcanic rock can promote cell's metabolism, and bring out harmful halide, clear dirt from cells.

  • Crystal Energy Springs

    It consists of five energy springs with five different crystals respectively. Each crystal is believed to have its particular field strength to benefit you in various aspects such as wisdom, emotions, wealth, health and etc.

  • Fantasy Nutty Spring

    New Zealand produces an abundance of nuts. Such as sunflower seed, cashew, pine nuts, ginkgo, lotus seed etc. Nut riches in nutrition, protein, minerals, vitamins which is good for human growth and strengthen physique. It can prevent disease, adjust cholesterol level and improve eyesight.

  • Citrine Spring

  • Amethyst Spring

  • Green Quartz Spring

  • White Crystal Spring

  • Pink Crystal Spring

  • Splash Fountain Spring

  • Energetic Herbs Spring