Low-Carbon Footprint Town Center

Embracing the "green" initiative sweeping the globe, Mission Hills·Haikou is constructing an energy-efficient and low-carbon footprint town center. A hub for business and leisure, dining and entertainment, cultural exchanges and meetings, it will reflect many innovative eco-friendly elements.

This ecological development will be punctuated by beautiful ponds, bridges, plazas, islands, arches and arcades. Showcasing state-of-the-art architecture with sustainable building materials, the pioneering lakeside entertainment center will be carved from raw stone, while the volcanic-themed hotel and shopping center reflect the latest hospitality trends.

Commercial Shopping

Golfers are known for their sophisticated style, and the Commercial Shopping Center at Mission Hills·Haikou is the one-stop shopping for the most savvy connoisseurs. It offers the lastest collections in golf fashions and equipment, cosmetics and jewelries, household products and appliances from the world-renowned brands.