Gifted, Blessed land and people

About 10,000 years ago, the Qiongbei volcanic cluster in a northern Hainan Province erupted, spewing lava across the region. Today, the vast expanse is covered in black rock and natural ruins.

The rugged landscape, crafted by Mother Nature, is awe-inspiring. At Mission Hills•Haikou, guests enjoy the freshest air and purest spring water amid a centuries-old landscape. Nature has provided an idyllic environment for guests to experience complete relaxation.
* The unique volcanic landforms contain natural elements beneficial to health and wellness.
* The most invigorating and pollution-free air.
* Pure mineral springs situated 200 meters underground.
* Weathered lychee trees dot the landscape and represent longevity.
* Ancient brick structures reflect the unique customs and culture of the region.
* As a testament to the area’s ideal climate, Longquan and other local towns are home to many residents age 90 and   above.

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