Hainan's Natural Beauty
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Hainan's stunning scenery and ideal weather attracts tourists from all over China and beyond. Its unique natural beauty makes it the Perfect destination for land and sea based activities, or simply relaxing in the sun.

Pristine beaches, crystal clear water
Dramatic volcanic rock formations
highest density of natural hot springs in China
Breathtaking golf courses inspired by local landmarks and characteristics
Colourful and historical local culture

International Exchange Platform
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Mission Hills·Haikou is not only a world-class resort for leisure travle. It is also central to Hainan's development fo golf tourism, as well as a venue for soports, trade and cultural exchanges. In 2010, Mission Hill successfully hosted the Boao International Tourism Forum the Haikou Golf & Tourism, the Mission Hills Star Trophy and the Pan-Pearl River Delta (PRD) Provincial Capital City Mayors' Forum.

The Haikou Golf & Tourism Forum is the preeminent gathering for Hainan international tourism. Mission Hills·Haikou has hosted this event since 2010, bringing together academics, socialites, politicians and professionals from the golf and tourism industries to discuss the latest trends and developments.